Aruta Noen - Holy Sodomy -

Letra Holy Sodomy

Thirteen men talk about love,
Twelve apostles and Jesus.
Why they together? That is strange!
The holy bible keeps silence about then!
Under night sky like pigs,
They filthy are fucking!
Pour together in perverted orgy,
And Jesus slept with Judas!

Kisses be current by that animals,
Under the leadership of god-dog!
Holiness, love, lambs and Eden,
For christians promised eternal life!
It?s better burning in hell!
Its better being dead than is a Christian!
You love your god Jesus?!
Go and fuck him in the ass!

Me is sorry that him crucified,
Impaled, he will good!
When a symbol of Christ be a stake,
Imagine you, how that fun!
Universal love, brotherhood and filth,
Idle gone talk about god, in the light of the day there are is a holy, night ?
Pigs screeching of the anal lust!

Visions! Open your eyes don?t see a dream!
Religions! Fuck a lies turn down supreme!
Jesus! Your ass is tear flowing blood!
Christ! I?m not fear! Fucking god!

Holy sodomy!
Here is a moral!
He is a your god,
Than well you the same!