Aruta Noen - Fear Is A Trap -

Letra Fear Is A Trap

Dread be stupidly when another ?
Born phantoms of uncertainty,

Dread oppositioner to god ?
Born the spectral faith!

You fear be alone? Born the pseudo love!
Fear be a dead? Born the paltry life!

Dread looking in the eyes ?
Born a going from reality,

Dread a cold pain ?
Born an evil drugs!

Fear new knowledge, born affected strictness.
Fear to be impassive ? Born a psychic brilliance of eyes!

Dread before crossing threshold
Born the blindest matrixes,

Dread be a personality,
Born the amorphous creatures!

Fear before meaning of life
Take away the last reason!

Fear before flight to nowhere,
Force die at old age!

The dream of mind borning monsters.

Fruit of psycho like a weed,
Grow up into your head!
Fear is a trap!
You like an animal and that kills you!