Aruta Noen - Electrocution -

Letra Electrocution

Light! dead electric! light! dead electric!

Call of phone, blue screen of tv,
Slaves of high technologies!
Your brain, rotting from
Electromagnetic emanation!

Voluntary incarceration,
In middle of comfortable rooms.
Reason swimming trough a net,
Heartbeat in time of electric light!

Sound! piercing, sibilant sound!

Bursting in the ears, borned to ruin,
Gilded prickly electrodes,
Copper wire entangled zombie scull.
Under the name? how ever don?t important.

Doomed be with opened eyes,
Blind and the same time he can see!
Tremble from the lust,
Center of the delight!

Death! borned with necrospheme in the heart!

Seating in the cage, across the screen
Phantom of electric schemes.
Fun see of his slaves, like in zoo!
Cage is open, but not wish to go away,

Here is feed - high voltage!
Stench of burning meet, you habit to that!
Your eyes ? drip out a tears of tender emotion!

Like engaging of the plug, your chair ? your grave! you lack of will,
You almost corpse, spellbound of alien energy! last desire ? death!