Antinomy - The Origin of All Pain -

Letra The Origin of All Pain

The origin of all pain born inside, burns inside
and the last tears you'll cry desperately awake your inner sickness.
I'll be there when you fall down and don't ask me to help you
don't rely on your hopes in me.
I am the thorns on your skin.
Do you think maybe I'm your crawler?
Don't you know you have to make do on your own.
Beat your fears make them disappear
no one cares about whomever you was and are.
Growing up older in a disheartening indifference...
Tell me now in disgrace if you try to defy
or still loose.
Little, insane
Useless without fame
Naked without beauty
Distressed embittered
Run as fast as you can, looser you'd never find out what you search
they'd hidden you every truth what you rest is drown in pain.
Alone in misery, from where you cannot escape.
Cherish your memories they'd use them to disarm your soul's brain
No ending to wickedness. Yeah!
I'm just what you need the trouble, the sorrow, the grief!
And no one looks after you.
Assist to the origin of your pain!
Disgrace against waste is all what you see become clear for all to feel.
The origin of all pain...
I will set your end.