Antinomy - The Hell where I Live in -

Letra The Hell where I Live in

Welcome in this fucking hell where I live in
Don't you feel disgusted from earth living to death?
Deceivers, behind the masks people the crime.
Clone - minded, all automatons heading toward the right direction.
This flesh, all human flesh disturbing me a scapegoat, that urges me to kill.
Aggression! This is what I suggest to myself as I saw the crowd lying on my steps!
Puppets, servants of a perfect controlled -
Rule conscious pawns of a "honest" deceiver of fools.

Lords working to build apathetic nations only to lead their frustrated exasperations.
Blessed goodness, ambitions heave by religions.
Institutions playing to control sins and passions.
The promise, for an heavenly redemption if we force our souls into the right direction.
(Who decides where the right direction is?)

Is this the way the one I'm living to die for?
It makes me feel so ill at ease in this hell where I live in.
All people around me seems manufactured from the obscene.
Soon I char every trace of their viscid rags.
I've never asked for a listless birth, but what can I do?
I don't accept and fight against this implacable torture!

I feel on my nerves the weight of intolerance feigning hypocrite happiness
I gotta strongly destroy.
And also I'm caught into this web of superstition this is cause
I'm born dipped in an absurd contradiction.
The crack of doom waft over our heads prompt to judge properly the evil
And the unfaith.
Our life is an illusion built up from infamous on working to subject our opinions!
Fucking the hell where I live in.
Welcome in the hell where you'll die in.