Antinomy - Soul of a Rape -

Letra Soul of a Rape

Born from a rape still open up old sores
bleeding tears, a memory engraved in the past.
Is it the "art" of life corroding her?
sodomizing every subtle feeling sprouted from her heart.

Since she was spit out in this cruel shelter hated, raped, hated robbed of her soul.
A tiny seed already alone deserted in her desolate earth struggling for a piece of love and trod on like shit.
What's blame but birth.

Nata nella condanna.

Raped, hated, raped robbed of her soul.
A hard exhausting struggle she can't fight all alone with her scarce weapons.
She didn't want to loose but time never has been merciful.
Whom She owe the roots of her tragedy?

An unspeakable word would never find its real meaning.
Linger on a noose.... A shattered cradle deep in its bruises.
Hard times, unbreakable, would never disappeared from her mind
wishes, gone astray, heart pierced through poisoned nails.
And she would not see those years lived in blindness.

Fragments of guilt broken beyond her fears
this enormous abyss devour her inside her bowels.
And once she was a child, but her mirror was broken too early.
A broken screw deserted in the cradle
hated, raped, hated, robbed.
Hoping against hope!