Antinomy - Images of Desperation -

Letra Images of Desperation

Obsolete images are rising into the head
foreign signs so many and confused
behind those walls liars, choked features
every of them, recall blurred remembrances.
So fierce and disgusted appear in those eyes
plunging into those accidental pictures
vexed from every sound, from every smell
for the afraid, to come back perceive their dust.

Here they recall
Here they recall

The wails, the slashes, the chilling-heat of dispersal.
Frustrated, neglected souls buried in the unknown they recall a way to return to hurt.
They laugh like a drain, in rapture mesmerizing and awakening blurred frames
indelible nightmares reclaiming their right of been alive,
(reclaiming their right of been alive).

Can't disappear, escape or forget, don't cloak this frustrated desperation.
Whereas they are destined to hunt, every image is menacing those eyes
and the desperation laugh.

Here they recall without control
the instability of thoughts
make servants and gaolers of time
everything remains without explain.
One of those days they would arise
one of those days they would come back to light.
Here they recall, inevitable.