Antinomy - Death Possession -

Letra Death Possession

Death possession
It's calling me
Oh, once I knew that voice
Who's there?
Who's standing outside my door?
Every night he takes my breath away
uh it's so hot and exciting
Is he comes to be my damnation?

Come in stranger show to me your mysterious charm
I hear you are calling me, your voice is shouting my name
I know you enter in me every night inside my soul just to kill me!
Obsessed by his breath it's a lust as his poisoned teeth penetrating my skin.
uh I'm your lady, damned, your grub eternally
Greedy skeleton drain away my blood!
I'm yours!
Possess me in death
I want you my ghost!
I'm longing for your lips, for their touch I'm going mad
uh it's so hard to feel, your chilling presence is so alive
I want you bring me to the edge where love and death embrace
How could I survive oh, please help me I'm nearly to die
I would never be free if your voice would not talk to me
engrave me in your heart uh, your chilling presence still survives
Oh, please promise me you'll never wish anyone else
I will always be yours.
Possess me in death.