Antinomy - Become the Killer -

Letra Become the Killer

Just don't judge, accept, the evil side in you wanna rise again.
Save your hypnotized mind from all constraints,
be aware, independent master of your ambitions.

Drag me out from your deeper frightening fears.
I conceal in the secret places of the voiceless.
Just accept me I'm the wrinkles of your doom.
In your sight I perceive mad seclusion.

Dull mind disabled, yell out with devil make your action.
The awareness of the evil is growing up inside,
time is come to act I wanna possess your mind!
Don't try to hide me
I'm on your way

Seek for sickness nature, convulse your boundaries.
Drown into the deepest, learn the way to terrorize.
No more suffer,
keep your power,
free your anguish,
clasp your dagger!
Become the Killer!