Angercure - Sympathy For The Loveless Beloved -

Letra Sympathy For The Loveless Beloved

Sheer spite and yellow hatred
I see your blue eyes turning
So slowly black by blood
And wringing human traits

Queer start and sudden ending
Our love was found to be
A flash in the pan of need
And forced coincidence

In those of our dog days of bliss
Now New York minutes
We missed the growing tension
Despite of the many signs

All the chances much belittled
Yet dooming me to judge them
And wear my heart on my sleeve
As hearty stigmatized

No matter if I scry
No matter if I live your
Sympathy for the loveless beloved

Should I take your intended distance
As path for alienation
Or try for self-oppression
For tearing the guinea pig

No, I will not desist from walking
Tidying up my grandiose living
In dread of alluring killing
And spoored as an animal