Angercure - Like You I Shadow -

Letra Like You I Shadow

Like you, i'd wish to be like you
And your tender mind to enchant me
My thoughts of care, my dream
Foresee your heart

Divest your disbelief but now
You lay in other hidden, prudish hands
They look like a coven and
Words of denigration are pouncing on us

You kill me now as you offer truths and
You discourage me, revealing what i want
You arrange for me what i'm afraid of
But i crave for it and moaning here i stay

Light, more light i'd wish to have now
As it will show your soul
And inaccessibility of your hugs
Please, let me try now when

I gild your mind and possess
The dream you mean to me
I'll pass across your huffishness
The same as you're expecting from me