Angercure - Heart Lycanthropy -

Letra Heart Lycanthropy

I don?t wanna be eaten by madness
I don?t wanna be fallen in gladness

As you are walking with strangers
You are roaming with strangers on my lonely nights
You are picking with charmers
You are boating with charmers in a distant town

Daily life in a pickle
Daily life in a cradle of jealousy kills
For this cloaks the exit
For this ain?t the mask of not giving a shit

Often held out on a limb
I?ll fake no daubery
Stamping flat the poison weed
My heart lycanthropy

Does he cherish your time?
Does he covet your time for a single smile?
Does he make up a clime?
Does he polish a clime for a careful guile?

Miss the vibe of your laughter
Miss the tone of your tender morning smell
Rolling clothes in the wardrobe
Did you leave them on purpose to fan up the hell?

Would you believe me?
Would you believe me I perfectly knew?
But would you embrace me?
Would you re-love me out of the blue?

In time you?ll command me
In time you?ll control me in exigent ways
The rest is existence
The rest is catena of transient moves