Angercure - Gravedigger Girl -

Letra Gravedigger Girl

Oh, dear, I am not Freddie
I say Elvis has left the building many months ago
So unreal you flipped the bird to me
But I hope you?ll keep my rain check till some better day

Treat me as a threat
Flay me many times again
But sometimes I feel, I really do
Bled for smelling you
Parched with thirst for draining you
A moment I would never ever have

On your finger lickin? skin
I put my finger mark of sin
You?re my gravedigger girl
You are horror, you are pain
As unending as cocaine
You?re my gravedigger girl

I?m a sceptic, I give my one sting
And I die in this marriage I won`t barely decline
Along my jaywalk, to a kitty-corner down
I feel you are a true Jane Gallagher in hell

Cover me with shrouds
Tuck fresh soil inside my mouth
My barrow is a hundred meters deep
Attend me with a snoot
Whisper ?Go the hell with you?
Sure I will miss you when I'm dead

Dead I?m off the hook
Cold I?ll pass the buck
Chop me, chew me fine
As death?s chef

I went straight the extra mile
It became my green mile
Oh, my killer girl
Now your sweet aiguma look
Haunting me in every nook
You?re my gravedigger girl