Angercure - Every Cold Second -

Letra Every Cold Second

A sigh before i'm lost for your heart
You're already jaded by flattery
A sigh before i'm dust in your eyes
You buried me deep into poverty

I'm dying again, dying in every cold second
As i bend my reality
I'm burning again, burning in every cold second
As i know my atrocity
I'm falling again, falling in every cold second
As i'm left to my ribaldry
I'm fading again, fading in every cold second
As i taste my insanity

Blue shades and ashtrays remain
Painting my keepsake of you
Dark are the outfalls of pain
Shaping my picture of you

A dream before i was high in the sky
You were smiling upon my sincerity
A dream before i flew to the sun
You were looking upon my simplicity