Angercure - Dead Light Dial -

Letra Dead Light Dial

I will die before you, darling
Suffer me in bitter bosom
Here rests your Mr. Charming
Staying dyrne in mighty blossom

Better lock up the door
You?re my wily vamp
Better pay for a whore
I?ll hide your deadly stamp

My dear, my fear
It?s a dead light dial day

Who, the fuck, is Michael Henchard
Quething up that rude inscription?
Self abuse is an artless venture
Wanna be your sick addiction

Gnawing you from inside
I?m your master crime
Lady, stop for a while
You?ll kill your lovely mime

Mariticide ? your daily menu sheet
Feast of the lies ? the latest Hugo prize
My useless sigh - drowning in estrogen
My clownish side - anguish coagulant

Kill me, dear
Kill me here