Angercure - Another Longing Nothingness -

Letra Another Longing Nothingness

Hey, do me just one favor
It's easy for your calm
Raise me to your vigor
Reward me with your joy

Or i'm going to pretend
In playing well your role
I'm gonna clutch the chance
Or i will delve with

Head in the wall, with dust in my eyes
Claiming old methods of a man
Who's taken aback are helping and healing
And leaving no harm, even no trace to my dearest
Fools would be arguing
In a reverie blind, in a mental abyss

But i ain't going to consent
In playing well this brawl
I'm gonna clutch your chance
Coz i'll be overtrumped
And i'll see? and i'll see? the longing nothingness

Rusted delusions are coming again
Longing in vein, arrant deceit
Call down the curse on the soothers' heads
And bash out the question who's acting the same