Angercure - A Stephen Allan Lovecraft -

Letra A Stephen Allan Lovecraft

Love, it?s me, I?m coming to you
Honey, my ticket is here
Take you a look
You?ll be fine
Hope you will understand
It?s only a day away

My girl said that just right a blink ago
I hanged up, feeling some relief
And I slept, with the cat to my head
Dreaming tomorrow?s the day I?d never forget

You are an artist, a master of lovecraft
Your allanley nature
Deadly desalts me in veins
You are a riddle, a stephen of closeness
You?re a delicate creature
Wanting me deadly forspent

I was here, waiting for you to come again
Day after day a new delay, sleeping alone for so many days
I was drawn by your abracadabra everyday
Day after day to applaud the play, guessing the card for so many days

Night has gone
I?ve gone to work
By now you should be driving up
But on my screen in orange flash
A message is showing up
Saying you can?t do it

Can you imagine the pain after reading the note?
But the filmbox remains
And the trainer remains
And the hookah remains

Trying your magic is the sweetest tragedy
A coma in ecstasy
You should be trapping the end
And yes, you are gently enticing me
Utterly knowing me
I am so easy to faint