Andre Williams - Whip The Booty -

Letra Whip The Booty

Whip it, whip it, whip it
Whip the booty, yea x3

Jack it, jack it, jack it
Jack your booty, yeah x3

If your mama got the booty, whip it
If you wanna know why
Show 'em how to whoop that booty
She know you didn't tell a lie
Just whip your booty
Whip your booty
Whip your booty, yeah

Thank you
Now, if you, if your mama gets to booty with it
And she wanna know why
Tell her, 'I'm sorry, mama'
'I'm gonna whip my booty, baby'
'Till I die'

I'm gonna whip my booty
'Till the day that I die x 3

Whip it, baby
Whip it, baby
Whip it
(to end)