Andre Williams - The Black Godfather -

Letra The Black Godfather

This is Andre Williams
I don't take no mess
If I jump you, baby
I'll stain your dress
I'm the Black Godfather

Sellin' drugs
I make so much money
I put it in my nose
I've got so much shoes??
I pay the police
If I kill you, mama
I'd get a release

*I'm the Black Godfather x2
I'm the man

If we make a deal
You gotta pay your bill
If you don't
Everybody in your house gonna get killed
If you think I'm bad
Just assholes
Andre don't wear nothing but spectacles


I got Russell
He's got your gun
I got Judah
He's got your grenades
I got Jon
He'll get us laid

I can walk on water
I can bite your bullet
I got my finger on the trigger
I'm gonna pull it

I'm the Black Godfather x2

I'm the man x2

(to end)