Andre Williams - Dictionary People -

Letra Dictionary People

Baby, I know you doin'
I know you doin' somethin' else
And everytime I ask you, baby
You got an excuse
You dictionary people
You got an excuse for everything, mama
And I got to go for it, mama
You know why, you know why, you know why
'Cos the pussy is good
And I'm pussy whippped

I don't like dictionary people
You got a word for everything I ask you, mama
I don't want no murder case, baby
I don't wanna kill you, mama
But, baby, every time you off your panties
I turn it into a, I turn into a, a fag (??)
It's a damn shame
And you don't look that good
You don't look good
Bnut beauty is skin deep
You got good pussy, baby
I ain't gonna live without you, baby
I'm not gonna live without you, baby
I'd kill or steal
I'd rob the police
I'd steal a gun
Weap, for me mama
Weap, for me
Weap, baby

I know your friends don't respect me
'Cps I won't let you go out at night
You know why I don't want you go out at night
I don't trust you to go out at night
Now, you can go out in the mornin'
I give you your freedom from nine to eleven
By noon I want you home, mama
I want you home, baby
It's a damn shame
I killed fourteen Mother Fuckers
But, oh. I'm weak for you, baby
I won't treat you bad
I'm weak for you
And everybody knows
Everybody knows
(ad lib)

I know I'm supposed to be strong
I know a woman don't want no weak Mother Fucker
But I can't help it, mama
I'm just down for you, baby
I'm down for you
I need to go to lovin' mamas
I wish you was a man
You know, I feel when you open your legs
When you open your legs, mama
Ooh, baby
When you open your legs, baby
When you open your legs, baby
When you open your legs, baby
(ad lib)

Ooh, baby
Fuck it, I'm gonna kill myself