Ancesttral - Piace And Quiet -

Letra Piace And Quiet

I can't keep to the sidewalk
The street cats scream their fright
Try to cross without looking
Don't know wrong from right
The traffic's got the right of way.
I can't stand being spied on
You know, each car has a face
Can't find one to rely on
I can't stand the pace
The traffic's got the right of way
Safe and sound in an empty room
Peace and quiet in the afternoon
I'd like to know what's going on,
But it's easier said than done
When you mind is on the run - on this own
It's not easy...
Sip some tea, try to figure out
The times I've turned my head
And made things worse instead of better
It's a strange game,
You always end up with the same answer.
Can't even tie my own laces
Tried and tried with no success
Have a job counting three paces
God Almighty - what a mess!
I'll never make it anyway