Alchemist - Spiritechnology -

Letra Spiritechnology

[intro with dude talking]
We offer you the key to your spirituality,
the answer that links us to our eternity,
the difference that lie between yourself
and all you see.
but this does not convince you,
you lust technology.
Unite the earth
Our gods have failed us,
all along it was a farce an all along
you knew, but refused the help of visitors,
a concept that would boom higher
was kept a secret from us for a minorites
But praising god won't save the world
only praise of human kind
You close your eyes and place demise.
on this forgotten entity.
fabricated stories, to protect your
former glories.
A time is soon at hand,
the covered hall be revealed
exposing your whole lifestyle
as nothing but a lie.
Galactic intervention
dimension intervention [repeat]
Progress your spiritechnology [repeat]