Aetherium - Why, Do They Love Me -

Letra Why, Do They Love Me

A tear of grief runs down my face
As I watch how your coffin is brought to your grave
And wonder how my love, oh my beautiful love, Had to die this unfair death

The pain of loneliness is tearing me apart, now that your are gone
People keep on saying: Life goes on
But I do not want it to go on, not without my love

Because she was my only reason to keep my life going
The birds on the trees will never sound again so beautiful to my ears

Why did this unfair death have take you away from me, why?
I can not go on living in this pain

There is no one to comfort me, or to keep me company
Why are people so cruel, why did not they believe in our love, why?

I might as well end it all, so I can join her
Why did she die, why?
There is no one to share my grief with
That no could care about me

They keep on treating me as if I did a crime
When fell in love with you
But I known that someday they will understand it, and wonder:

A songless heart, a doubtful mind
Is this the life, I have to live!
When everything is so uncertain
No girlfriend, no job, no future

I am a failure of society: so they say
I may give the impression, that I do not care about things ( Oh, if they only knew )
But I am just lonely

Recently, I bought a gun, and it is lying next to me
Oh, God, it looks so?
Are people going to miss me
When I am no longer around?
I am going to end it now

My loveless life, no longer worth living
The pain since my love died
I can no longer bear a last look at the picture of my family the question raises:

Do they love me?