Aetherium - The Unknown -

Letra The Unknown

Living in a room of solitude.
Never had a change to socialize.
Always chained by prejudish.
Even we treat them like another worthless.
Rejected before they are known.

Lost in aworld where they are left behind.
Seeking for attention that can not be found.
Thoughs of meaningless and useless are?

Embedded in their minds.
Exiled to the nothingness by the worthy.
Sentenced to eternal longliness.
Never do they get the change for love.

In this world of civilized day and age , they are considdered nothing more as alower form of life.
Useless for our modern society.

It is time that we open our eyes.
So that we can apreciate them.
Instead of ignoring them.
Cos they sure need uor attentional affection.
So give them an umbrella for the rain.

Give them warmth and for the cold wintery days.
And discover their values.
Listen to what they have to say.
Look at what they have to show you.

Release them out of the nothingness.
Another utopia , for their will always be high and low , warm and cold , sunshine and raindrops