Aetherium - The Battle And The Dream -

Letra The Battle And The Dream

Caught in my body
My feet drag me
Wherever I do not want to go
I have no choice
I am split in two
Body and mind
My mind is clear.
Wants to find another host not deformed , yet not perfect

Raise war , raise hell , mind wins
Body cries , mind flies , body dies

I swim in agony
Gone is my golden er
I collapse in lurid dreams
The stream of distress has taken me into its arms
A collage of memories flashes before my eyes.
Sometimes grotesque , sometimes destructive

I long for an reunification.
Some time near in time.

An embrace of filthy claws starts me out of my sleep.
But there is no reality , reality is gone.
So am I.
There is no more me
The body dissolved in an ethereal mass
The minds roams in an unending universe
I am lost in my dreams and there is no way back

I think I die
But I am not certain
What is dying

The change from known into unknown
The change from unknown into known
There is no colours
Nothing !
Only fading into solitude