Aetherium - Sadistic Seal Killings -

Letra Sadistic Seal Killings

Winterland, icewind
Hot like fire on Pluto
White canyons, diamond mountains
Slippery like ice on the road

The most untouchable places on earth
Only human left scars behind
Civilisation trying for centuries
Never completed
The strong can survive, the weak suffer, suffer

A balanced cocoon, where we break through
Hunt for the future
Only need for the skin, the rest is blown to a red slimy road
Mothers trying to find their children
Feel the pain flowing through their brains
Everytime again and again

That hawk, screams of pleasure and joy
Face, horrible, worser than war
Staring, yellow push, blood drained cells

Nerves, flowing around, smiles disappear
Eyes light up, and the victory vibrations, humanity's real face

Strikes again, disgusting, so be it
We rule, we rule
Fucking mother earth

Hopefully someday we will become civilised people
And could start again with a blank paper