Aetherium - Possessed -

Letra Possessed

An unknown force has invaded my mind
Take control over my thoughts and feelings

My memories are banned to oblivion
Only hatred fills my heart
I see no longer colours , but darkness and grey
My soul is as black as the night.
And so cold as ice

I am wandering through the fields of death
Kissing every grafe;
This is where I must end!
And no priest shall exorcise me!
For the force is more powerful than any other force .
In the universe and beyond!

It gives me command of life and death
And he who confronts me , shall be guided to the fields of death
The force is my bride to be

And the dead shall be our offspring
Those who are , and those who shall be!
And their souls will be as black as the night
And as cold as ice .

I am standing before the gates of my hell
I am looking at my kingdom to come
Where the force is my leader
My destiny is about to be revealed

I see nothing but an open grave
I cry for help.