Aetherium - Everlasting Darkness -

Letra Everlasting Darkness

Is how I feel inside

Thought's are raving through my head
Thoughts of madness
Thoughts of desperation
Emotionally shattered

It is all getting too much for me
Con not bear to witness.
The cruelty any longer.
Nor the pain that seems to paralyse me

Oberrun by harsh feelings
Towards a world.
That has given me nothing.
But everlasting darkness.

The wish to fly away.
Has never been more tempting.
So I fly.
Further and further.
Away from this earth.
Away from reality.
The reality that breaks me down to ashes.

I want to dissappaer forever.
So still I fly.
Further and further.
Until I have found myself.

Finally I have reached a place.
To live my life in solitude.
For in solitude I was born.
And in solitude I will die.