Aetherium - Eternal Death -

Letra Eternal Death

See them watching
Whole day sitting
From muorning till evening
If they could , without talking

Or walking the way , where?
Only people of their kind
Will follow their way
Not their wife , on a parallel way

Next to each other so far away from reality

Seeing through eyes of glace
Living in the inner dimension
Where they can fly
Never die?
See the light of their ilusion
Survivng the grand catasthrophy
Hiding for darkning reality
Created your serenity.
The perfect lie

Look forward
See what happens
Look back
See what is wrong
Turn your vision into the way of crossing
Try to find the small road
Where she is to guide to

Look in the mirror through your reflection and see what it is all about .
See the paradise , out of reach for the unfortune ones
Reach out!
Try to catch your exiled soul and reach for your reflection , your reflection which is lost in the mirror
Escape from yourself and walk away from it
Cause we are about to see beyond the star's secrecy
We are the reflection
But are we who we are?
Are we learning to see beyond the mountains?


Come and fly with me to paradise and make it the unfortune ones
Do not ask yourself about the meaning of life , for the answer lies within death!
Alone , without help , we must accomplish our mission
Behold the sun's flame in our lost tradition
Replace it
Escape from your mirror
Seek for your very self
And find yourself an answer


Dream what you are to be
Touch what you are to see
And reach out for your exiled soul
Find the reason within my question
So look in the mirror and see the unfortune ones lost paradise
Is your mission accomplished?
Cry for your lost soul swallowed by the trusted ones
Life: Eternal death!