Aetherium - Drifting -

Letra Drifting

Drifting away in your own haunting dreams
Now angelic, then falling
Towards the eternal depths of the underworld
Passing walls breathing depression
Green fields suddenly fading
It all fades before your eyes
The world is black
Rumbles and flashes
Then silence

And so here I am, alone
I'm wandering through this dead landscape
I kneel down and burst into tears
I look back over my shoulder and see a surrounding that is dead

Is this the reason why I ended it all?
To realise my soul is lost forever?
To be trapped in a no-thing's land?
Wandering, wandering...

With my destination
I wanted to go to

The light comes again
Only more terrible
Ready to kill
The look in their eyes
The spell of their voices
Nothing can keep me from following
They drag me along to the black land
Falling in the fire
The look in their eyes
The spell of their voices
The screams of the dead
Drag me down

Memories lost, nothing to hold on to
Tears roll down
As I have to come to terms
Could this be the place I want

A place I could call home?

Things cannot be changed now
A struggle I have to go through
But I have made a decision and meant to do you no harm
Eternally I stand alone