Aetherium - Circle With The End -

Letra Circle With The End

Circle with the end
Over and over again

Every time some history
Every time other people, I am so stupid
That I never learn how to control it for self-protection
Friends always tell me too much how they do it

Over and over again
Circle with the end

Every time a new one in my life
Every time I try to do it right
So it will be forever, so I will be so happy
My feelings take control, I loose my mind
They get scared of me
Because there is too much trapped inside of me

Circle with the end
Over and over again

So visitors eat me up from the outside to the inside and out again
They use me until they are satisfied
And then let me alone in the cold
I rot away
Nobody gives a damn about it
My best creation, my whole self put into it
Every time I start again, this will never happen again

Now I've met someone
I will not give in so easily
He will have to fight for me
He needs to give me the things that I wanted
His feelings, his mind, his everything
Then the end approaches and he says that I hurt him
They hurt me so much
How could it be that I must control myself, before everything turns once more into the circle with the end

This time I do it to someone else

I need to change and learn until I have found
Cyclone of love
I must forget the past
Give it a new chance
Before the circle with the end starts over and over again