Aetherium - Been -

Letra Been

I sit here alone, not knowing what they are saying to me
But I do not care
They have their own life and so do I
They gather around, staring at me, trying to understand

What I am thinking of
Their so called problems makes me realise that my life is not so bad after all
But I am afraid that is just an illusion
Please help to find my happiness

So that I do not have to stay any longer in the cold rain

Years and years, I have walked the path of life, trying to find my happiness
Like fish trying to find his way to the ocean

Forsaken by the one they call god
In a time I needed someone to cling to

Suddenly I was surrounded by thousand golden stars
Flying me to a far-away place in a far-away world
A place where I had no need for things
A place where I was not alone
Finally I have found my

Which I had lost so long ago

But then I opened my eyes and still sitting here alone
I see the same faces still staring at me
Was all this a dream
Or have I really been to this far-away world, been?