Adam Sandler - Toll Booth Willie -

Letra Toll Booth Willie

[car approaches]
[toll booth willie:] "welcome to worchester. dollar twenty-five please."
[m1:] "hey, how ya doin' toll booth willie?"
[toll booth willie:] "good! thanks fer askin, pop!"
[m1:] "aww, that's great, you know, considering yer a fuckin' idiot!"
[pays toll and drives off]
[toll booth willie:] "go f*** yourself you son of a bitch!
i'll come right outta the booth and fuckin' whack ya, you fuckin' prick!"

[another car approaches]
[m2:] "hey, hey, willie! hows it going?"
[toll booth willie:] "hey, can't complain, pop. hows 'bout you?"
[m2:] "oh, great, great. how much?"
[toll booth willie:] "the state charges a dollar twenty-five, pop."
[m2:] "that's fine. now should i give you the money,
or should i shove the quarters directly up your fat ass!?"
[pays toll and drives off]
[toll booth willie:] "why you fuckin' hard on!
i'll fuc*** carlton fisk yer fuckin' head with a louise-ville fuckin' slugger!
whadya think of that ass f***!?"

[another car approaches]
[f1:] "hi willie."
[toll booth willie:] "oh, nice to see ya m'am. not a bad day, huh?"
[f1:] "well, i'm a little lost. could you help me out?
i hear your the best with directions."
[toll booth willie:] "well i know my way around new england.
i can tell ya that much. so where ya headed?"
[f1:] "well, i was just wondering exactly which is the best way
to drive up your ass. you know, if you'd tell me,
i'd appreciate it, you fuckin' prick."
[drives off]
[toll booth willie:] "you fuckin' bitch! f*** you!
you forgot to pay the fuckin' toll you dirty whore!
i'll fuckin' drop you with a boot to the fuckin' skull you cum guzzling queen!"

[another car approaches]
[m3:] "hey willie."
[toll booth willie:] "hey, how are ya?"
[m3:] "here's a dollar twenty-five, and go f*** yourself."
[pays toll and drives off]
[toll booth willie:] "dah, you fuckin' prick!
i hope you choke on a fuckin' bottle cap, ya fuckin' son of a f***!
eat shit! eat my shit!"

[another car approaches]
[bishop nelson:] "hello willie. good to see you."
[toll booth willie:] "ahhh, bishop nelson. nice to see ya.
that was quite a sermon you had the other day."
[bishop nelson:] "hey, well i do my best."
[toll booth willie:] "dollar twenty-five, bishop."
[bishop nelson:] "dollar twenty-five,
willie. isn't that the same price your mother charges for a blow job,
you piece of dog shit!?"
[pays toll and drives off]
[toll booth willie:] "ohhh! have another one, you fuckin' lush!
it's not my fault the bartender cut ya off last night ya fuckin' douche bag!"

[another car approaches]
[m5:] "hey!"
[toll booth willie:] "well hey!"
[m5:] "yeah, do you want the money,
or should i just shove the quarters directly up your fat ass!?"
[pays toll and drives off]
[toll booth willie:] "well, i already heard that one you fuckin' unoriginal bastard!
go suck a corn you fuckin' piece of repeatin' shit!"

[another car approaches]
[f2:] "hi."
[toll booth willie:] "oh, hi. how are ya?"
[f2:] "fine, thank you. how much is the toll please?"
[toll booth willie:]"for you sweetheart, it's a dollar twenty-five."
[f2:] "here ya go."
[pays toll]
[f2:] "thank you."
[begins to drive off]
[toll booth willie:] "hey! hey! honey! would you like a receipt with that?"
[f2:] "oh, i almost forgot. thank you so much."
[toll booth willie scribbling a receipt for her]
[toll booth willie:] "and here ya are."
[f2:] "umm, do you think you could sign it?"
[toll booth willie:] "oh, uh.. sign it?"
[f2:] "yeah, sign toll booth willie was here."
[toll booth willie:] "ok, sure. uhh, by the way, what is this for?"
[signing receipt]
[f2:] "just so i could have proof for my friends that
i met the biggest fuckin' dip shit with the smallest dick alive.
you understand."
[drives off]
[crumples up paper]
[toll booth willie:] "fuck you, you fuckin' upity bitch!
i'll fuckin' f*** you and all your lesbian fish-eating friends in front
of your fuckin' mothers! you're gonna die, bitch! i'm comin' outta the booth!"
[opens the door and runs out of the booth]

[car screeches and hits him]
[toll booth willie:] "ooooh! my fuckin' leg!"
[m6:] "hey! you ran over toll booth willie!"
[m7:] "oh my god! i was always wondering what it would be like to run over a
dried up stinky dick licker."
[toll booth willie:] "why you fuckin' pricks.
i fuckin' hear every fuckin' word yer saying!
when this fuckin' leg heals,
i'm gonna kick you guys new fuckin' assholes!

[everyone cussing eachother out]