Adalruna - Drowning In The Ocean of Despair -

Letra Drowning In The Ocean of Despair

The water, cloaked in
Dark shades of night,
Is morbidly still.
A pale glimmer of moon light
Breaks through the darkness,
Granting me sight.
The water has no end.
I see, but all I do is stare.
I see the abyss,
And fear turns to dispair.
Icy tendrils grip at my feet,
Drag me down,
And with not ahope,
I fear that I have found,
That I can scream,
But I shall die without a sound.
The water fills my lungs.
Finally rod of the bitter taste of air,
I know my life will soon end,
And I do not care.
Still alive, my hope turns to despair...