Ad Astra - World Misanthropy -

Letra World Misanthropy

Pure satanic poetry hidden in my words
Under the ritual fetters I run after hordes
Unblessed with the curse of god black
Eternal shadows hide over the mold
Deep inside the soul an eye watching me
Like an open grave my spirit will be free
I will run through chaos and my fate I fold
Like a wind of sorrow but now I'm so cold

I unfold the mystical darkness
In the night to rise up the dead
Fogbound under the pale moonlight
I'll follow my soul through the desert night
Shadows reaping the midnight sky
The stars are falling down to bring up the light
Rotten symbols of the past
Rise their essence from the dusk...

Secret of unholy terror
Tartarus take your soul
Poison of madness and hate
Crypt of passion and bleed
Coffin without catafalque
Night without the stars
Begin without the end
A world full of pain