Ad Astra - Sidereal Secrets -

Letra Sidereal Secrets

Astral repose is dwelling at me
Like stellar standstill, like ice purity
I walk through the forest springtide again
The echo of breeze evokes me the rain
Recalling the memories yet fulfilled
My past is unseen, my lust is replete
The summer is near one time again
To fill me with bliss, to fill me with pain

The dark is so near, the serpents appear
To which I admit, to which I've no fear
While winter is dying and summer comes in
The garden of life provokes the unseen
Beware of the roots that growing so fast
They'll bleed you again, they'll tear you apart
I hear your whispers deep down the earth
I feel your caress like oceans' birth
So come in my dreams and fill me with hopes
Enlighten my soul with your silent drops
Your portrait I see oh princess of frost
Your veil I unfold, it scares me the most
The path of eternity I must cross
To catch the eternal essence of yours
Sumerian breeze is riding the park
Again I shall wait, again I shall lurk