Ad Astra - Neverending -

Letra Neverending

New day? the sun brights in the night of my life
The wound´s can´t close it, I´m Bleeding
Cries, lies... is this my inmortal spirit?

I sew your death lightning the dearest things,
I spoke with my lifes, (I) touched seas
Eternal flame, my heart beat

Bridge: Now I´m running, they want my head
Black Ravens, they search mi faith
Rise on the moon, fallen in the edge of the circle
Leave me alone, neverending, Oh no! (x 2)

Chorus: I am riding trought the winds of time
Smiling with your hate in my head
Crucifixed in each line of my heart
Life´s out...

Witchcraft!! They scream with rage in their eyes
I was insulted, persecuted...
They were who sold their doubts, their wings...

New Days!! The sun won´t bright in your life
The wounds have closed, I´m Rising
I know Life is my inmortal spirit