Ad Astra - Hug the Void -

Letra Hug the Void

Magic sounds ring from outside
Like a melody announcing
Your come and I look throught the pain
Your white lights

Among darkness
You'll stay frozen
While the fullmoon lights my bed

I´ll never wonder your origin
I´ll never ask to someone for your why
But I everynight will search you spellbound
your glow to me

Chorus: I will resist to believe
That you´re nothing but light
That I´ll never have you
Cause to hug you is to like hug the void

Blue moonrays are my hosts
Like white rainbows wheeling
Around and the streams mighty sound
Is my laughter

In spite of your feel
It is only light
Right to your heart, right to you

Why do you resist to believe
That I´m nothing but light
That you´ll never have
Cause to hug me is to hug the void