Across The Sky - Exciting Times -

Letra Exciting Times

[1st verse]
i've got something to talk about
i've had a lot on my mind
but i think i finally figured it out
what i'm feeling on the inside
'cause where i wanna be
is in the thick of things
it's all i'm thinking about
these are the exciting times
i can see that you are leading me
and it feels so right
i'm assured of this, my offering
i'm finally living
'cause these are the exciting times
[2nd verse]
things can happen so rapidly
then again they can take a lot of time
but i know these things are not up to me
but i'll be ready in the mean time
oppurtunity is calling out to me
i lay it all on the line
[3rd verse]
this thing is bigger than me
and i'm just wanting to be a part of anything and everything you ask
of me
[chorus till end]