Acherontas - Set Triumphant Nubti -

Letra Set Triumphant Nubti

As this tremendous twillight of hissing serpents tears the red horizon,
As this sacred night cometh and shrouds the mundane soul
To unlock, reveal and liberate my glorious typhonic existance,
As the third eye, inheritor of the wisdom of ra, is crushing the visio mortalis
As it opens wide, in sacred shapes, to reveal the divine vision.

Sutekh the destroyer riding an army of chimeras amidst the bloodred nightsky
And the heavens tremble before the hideous march of set, the prince!
I tear my vestments and throw them as reverent offerings to the fire,
As I carve my skin and scream in divine madness, speaking his sacred names
As my voice cracks the silence, and the smoke ascends the invocation.

Come forth, oh lord of storms, come forth and scourge the oceans with might!
Come forth by night and breathe life to the serpent below, through fire and ice!
Set, for your name is chaos, envoy of darkness, the skies shake before you,
Reveal your fiery gaze and activate my eye! Unleash the serpent's coil!
Let the red stream ascend and break the seven seals to the glorified crown
Let your voids devour me and shape me to your triumphant image!
Grasp my soul for she is sculpted immortal, for I harvested the fruits of life!
Come forth, qliphothic ruler of the seven stars! Father of the infinite chaos,
Seth of the depths!
Ascend from your celestial catacombs, the temple of storms and enshroud me,
For I am of this earth, water, air and fire! Breath through me thy black flame,
Illuminate the spirit, encircle me with serpents and speak with my tongue!
''I am the faceless one, protector of ra, primal ruler of disorder and noble born of nut! I am the restless adversary, the black seed, the deathless priest of the black flame!''
Venite set triumphator, princeps tempestatis
Venite sutekh perditor, princeps tenebris
Venite seth, spirare ignis niger tuus ad me
Xeper-I-set, xeper-I-set, xeper-I-set