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Letra Into The Void

In front of you
Just a black mass without sense

And trembling on in fear
No form of danger or escape

You listen on but the silence reigns
You?re with your own you realize
Trying to wake up from a dream
So sad to say you are awake

On the edge to insanity
We are acting all the same
Not killed by any physical law
But by our own thoughts and pains

For all what seems to be lost
Your mind-war slowly drives you mad

Torpid view and feelings
This is the end but you don?t know?

The thoughts and silence seems louder than hell
You laugh and cry as panic grows
No friend, no foe, no love, no hate
The only enemy is you

This is a war in your head
And for sure you will loose
In this whole lotta nothing
It is you against you

It?s a whole lotta nothing
And in the middle is you
Now choke on your issues

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