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Letra Eye Of The Storm

Time is running out
got to decide now
something inside won't let me quit
People are so fickle
these days it's so despicable
like tentacles, they all try stick to you
hold you down if they cannot be sick on you
they try to bind you with an a too
enforce the written restrictions that we all got to stick to
the laws disappear and re appear
to suit their needs
which to me is a joke,
like short term peace treaties
I see a disease
swarming like bees
thinking these undeveloped war torn countries
apparently i'm on the good side
but this worlds so shaky at times
i swear this planet's on an intergalactic fault line
every time i race i can't win
i keep pace till this land mines blow up in my face again
dismembered, i still gotta keep pacing on, shredding strong
facing the eye of the storm
these days we play
the life game all wrong
these days, what we say
can do such harm
i replay each day
like an endless song
milling through my mind, non stop
like the hands of time
What's with this financial envy
we've got so much poverty, but we keep spending
we're like pigs, they just won't stop eating
till they hit the bottom of the trough and their guts leaking
i'm seeking the truth, but how can i be
we're in a world of broken families and fallacies
taught to praise stars who seek fame,
do what we must to attain monetary gain
and even i'm with it, but there are limits
whatever happened to unconscious idea?
mc's talk verbal diarrhea
caught up with gun talk and bling bling,
hip-hop producers who work with pop singers, for ching ching,
i'm thinking
A rich soul, is now of no value
light turns to dark, when cold breath hits the candle
i'm here to rekindle your spirit
keep the flame burning strong
as we press on
through the eye of the storm
The clock ticks
your name off the list
life moves quick, so we gotta move quicker
the worlds devilish, making me sicker
i smell the remnants, of drugs, sex and liquor
the kids are immune to these
cus they leave
they get a fix on their new tv
parents don't need a talk to their kids no more
they feed 'em videos
show them the internet
log onto the porn site
here we go
the drug of a nation
breeding ignorance
feeding radiation
friend to hit the nail on the head
wish we were sailing ahead
but we're shipwrecked and failing instead
but the tests have changed we all passed
so long as you're an expert in arson
i'm asking which way is up, cus my compass is gone
you know what?
i'ma let my beating heart be my guide through the eye of the storm
How am i supposed to live?
in a world full of negative

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